S I L K    F L O W E R S

Current Trends in Wedding Flowers

If you look around this Summer, you will see boho weddings, garden weddings, beach weddings. Outdoor airy breezes, sunsets, greenery backdrops… it’s the perfect season to embrace nature. And what keeps popping up is that they have this one little thing in common, Flowers. But not just any flowers, Silk Flowers.

Silk Flowers, Faux Flowers, Artificial Flowers, are becoming more and more popular these days as they have some great benefits over ordering fresh flowers. We’re talking bouquets, flower crowns, combs and headpiece, button holes, corsages, table arrangements and cake toppers. Pretty much anything with fresh flowers can be replaced with Silk. But why bother?

Firstly, you get to see what the ready made product looks like before buying, or you can order a custom made to your preferences. With more and more silk flower suppliers offering a larger variety of silk flowers than ever before, there is bound to be something to suit your wedding theme.

Customers are choosing silk flowers over fresh because they don’t contain pollen or allergens for those allergic. Quite understandably, that is the last thing a bride and groom want to worry about having to deal with on their wedding day!

And there are many customers who wed interstate or overseas that are keen to travel with silk flowers, without getting stuck in customs, or relying on an unknown florist who may not produce what they need. Bouquets and Flower Crowns can be packaged and protected with wrapping in boxes, and are very light to travel with.

Silk flower pieces also offer the benefits of being affordable, often cheaper than fresh, and because they last for years to come if taken care of, they make a beautiful keepsake gift for the bridal party to keep.

Lastly, because each product is handmade, and often uniquely made for you, it is a fantastic way to support your small, local business with the benefit of receiving that special handmade touch to compliment a perfect day.